"One Saturday afternoon in particular, Olathe Northwest’s battle bots class teacher Matt Peterie said, Death Oreo team members met with mentor Steve Zollman of A & E Custom Manufacturing in Kansas City.

What was a planned 30-minute session turned into a three-hour design review, Peterie said."


-Joe Robertson, Kansas City Star, March 27th, 2015

"About three years ago, A & E Custom Manufacturing in Kansas City, Kansas, installed an Amada Astro 100NT robotic press brake on its shop floor. The automated bending equipment was purchased to produce a high-volume part for a customer in the transportation industry.

Once up in running, the brake was a testament to speed and accuracy. The machine tool just produced quality part after quality part.

As new jobs were entered into the production queue for the robotic press brake, however, John Jaixen, A & E's general manager, noticed something. The press brake's speed was not just limited to part handling at the brake and material movement to pallets and bins.

"Once we got it in and we were running it, the brake would go to another part, and the thing would clear out the tooling, put it away, bring out the new tooling, and place it exactly where it was the last time we ran the part. And it took only a few minutes," Jaixen said.

"That's when it became obvious," he added. "This is where the true advantage is on this machine."


-Dan Davis, The Fabricator Magazine, January 2015

"Sen. Moran wants to see our economy generate more good-paying jobs making parts and goods. That’s why he visited A&E Custom Manufacturing. The sheet metal fabricator has invested in high-tech lasers and robotics to successfully bring back work that had moved elsewhere.

“Work is coming home from China,” Sen Moran said. “We ought to be looking at what they do and make sure we do it elsewhere so more jobs remain in the United States or return to the United States.”

A&E owner Steve Hasty says the combination of technology and an educated, trained workforce are the keys to having more family-supporting jobs the nation needs."



-John Peptione, Fox 4 News Kansas City
July 28th, 2014

An example of A & E's value added services through technological innovation and ability to review your project or parts for ease of manufacturing while maintaining fit, form, and function.

"...This isn’t a tale of a company that sits on every last penny, waiting for a sure thing to come along before it makes any type of investment. Much like other metal fabricators that are dealing with the uncertainty that marks today’s economic climate, A&E Custom Manufacturing is focusing on intelligent growth—controlling costs to keep expenses less than revenues; enacting lean initiatives to free up space on the shop floor; investing in equipment that can increase productivity rates; and cross-training employees so they can react quickly to changes in customer demands. The company is certain about growth in the face of uncertain times."


-Dan Davis, The Fabricator Magazine
February 1st, 2013


"A & E Custom Manufacturing hums with the sound of robotic presses and welders, automated laser cutters, and other state-of the-art equipment that bend and cut metal into precise shapes. More than 900 sheet-metal components for the New York City subway come from this shop, as do aluminum parts for an electric sports car in Finland.

The Kansas City, Kan., metal fabricator also made parts for a popular commercial cooking appliance until several years ago, when its customer moved production to China in order to save money. When quality and delivery problems in China couldn’t be resolved, the customer brought the work back and A & E is once again making the parts.

“We’re doing the work we used to do,” says A & E owner Steve Hasty. “We’ve become more competitive in what we’re doing and the type of equipment that we’re using.”

-David Conrads, Christian Science Monitor
May 10th, 2012