A & E can process part designs into a flat pattern that will be automatically nested for the best material utilization. Robotic and automated systems will cut, form, and weld parts consistently to customer specifications with high velocity through the value stream. 


A & E has two Amada FO 3015NT lasers. These lasers are used in concert with an automated shuttle system that loads raw material hands-free, allowing for around the clock production with minimal oversight, reducing customer costs.

The Virtek Laser Inspection System checks parts for quality assurance, allowing for quick start-up of production.

The Amada EMLK is a 33-ton electric servo turret punch mated to a 4000-watt laser, allowing for the cutting of parts using the optimal process.  It has a nine-shelf tower for raw material and processed sheets. The automated storage tower loads material hands-free. The part removal system unloads and stacks parts ready for the next process with minimal handling.


The Amada Astro Robotic Brake Press has an automated tool changer for quick set-ups.  It is a ten-foot heavy tonnage brake. Dual robots will feed the blanks, check metal thickness, form the part accurately and consistently, and stack the formed part on a pallet when finished.

The Panasonic 6-Axis Robotic Weld Cell provides high-quality welds consistently.  The turntable with dual head & tail stocks is a cost-effective, time-saving system that allows A & E to run a variety of parts at the same time.